Coworking for filmmakers

Lighthaus Core Crew – 190 €

For a personal, full-time work station: choose core crew and become one of our in-house professionals.

You’ll be surrounded by directors, editors, sound designers, and visionaries of all kinds who share their stories, skills and equipment with each other.

Personal Desk – 24/7 Access Key – Coffee and tea – Printer – Wifi – Business Address – Free Use of Workshop or Screening Room Twice a Month.

Lighthaus Flex Crew – 100 €

For you folks who work in cafes and libraries: choose core crew and use the Lighthaus instead.

Our flex room is equipped with all you need to break out of your daily routine and get some inspiration. Work, hang out and talk shop. You’re onto something.

Flexible Seat – Wifi – Coffee and tea –  Free Use of Workshop or Screening Room Once a Month.

We also offer a basic membership for those who doesn’t need a working space, but still want to be part of the community.

Current members